ProgME Towards Programmable Network MEasurement

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IEEE Projects 2012 | Final year projects | BE Projects | Abstract: Traffic measurements provide critical input for a wide range of network management applications, including traffic engineering, accounting, and security analysis. Existing measurement tools collect traffic statistics based on some predetermined, inflexible concept of “flows”. They do not have sufficient built-in intelligence to understand the application requirements or adapt to the traffic conditions. Consequently, they have limited scalability with respect to the number of flows and the heterogeneity of monitoring applications.

We present ProgME, a Programmable MEasurement architecture based on a novel concept of flowset — arbitrary set of flows defined according to application requirements and/or traffic conditions. Through a simple flowset composition language, ProgME can incorporate application requirements, adapt itself to circumvent the challenges on scalability posed by the large number of flows, and achieve a better application-perceived accuracy. ProgME can analyze and adapt to traffic statistics in real-time. Using sequential hypothesis test, ProgME can achieve fast and scalable heavy hitter identification.


Technology: JAVA and JAVA IEEE PROJECTS.Project Tags: Final Year Projects, IEEE 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Projects, and IEEE Projects.

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